The only down side is that the battery does not last really long. The internal memory is extended through microSD memory cards, which can store music in various formats for the music player. Each of the available three lists comprises 30 entries with specified date, time and call duration. Use of stereo Bluetooth headset, though, greatly reduces the battery life you get off a single charge, but even with that, the MING works about 7 hours. Beneath the battery is the SIM-card bed, as well as microSD memory expansion slot cards with up to 2 Gb onboard will do — we checked that. The form factor looks great and is one of the most comfortable for simply talking. It has a 2M-pixel camera, video camera, and speakerphone.

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Motorola Ming A1200 – Black (Unlocked) Smartphone

This application gives month- week- and day-view of all scheduled events; the default appearance may be modified in the settings. Skip to main content. Motorola A Ming Follow Following.

With the clam closed you can call up the short menu by pressing the side-mounted key — it comprises Camera and RealOne Player. Over and above motorolz fields requiring numeric data, you are at liberty to call up a numberpad, which is a sort of the on-screen keyboard. Black White Red Black.

Music playback has no significant impact on the lifetime; the phone can play mp3 tracks for about Overall, I’d recommend the phone. The best results q1200 acquired in sunny weather, whereas in the rest of conditions, the gamma is insufficient.

Best Android photo and video apps. In the former case you see a plain list of contacts with no additional visual information, while in the latter a12200 the MING offers you a 3×3 grid, yet each caption can be only 8 symbols long with no scrolling allowed, so that you will have to call up detailed view of a contact, if these captions will actually turn out to be identical for, say, two entries. Actually, I came across this gripe for the first time when I was writing this review, even though I had had two months of quality time with the MING.


At a glance the MING is a conventional-looking fold phone, at least there is a flip mounted on it, and on top of that you can make and receive calls only with this open.

Motorola Ming A – Black (Unlocked) Mobile Phone | eBay

Technology – There are two main screen technologies currently used in phones and tablets: Best smartwatches this year. Retrieved from ” https: Although messages in the Russian are readable, the font gets to be somewhat strange, stretched again, with the help of a small patch this problem vanishes.

I shall remind you that early insuch approach was revolutionary to some extent, even though Nokia was the company that pioneered this area. I shall make a note here, though that the menu found in the Ai is different from that of the original MING produced for China China Mobilehere the menu is styled in red, while the European edition shows off blue scheme, identical to that of the ROKR E6.

Overall I will always give Motorola products a thumbs up and an excellent rating but that’s my opinion as I’ve always found that Motorola know what there doing with communications they’ve been in the business long enough but this phone even if it wasn’t by Motorola is the best PDA style phone I’ve motoorla had to date.

The main screen bears some resemblance to the Today window featured in Windows-powered smartphones.


Average represents the mean value, calculated from all phones, from the last year. A bit above is Date and Time field and then calendar events scheduled a120 today. No size caps should be observed. Apart from searching contacts in the phonebook and dialing numbers, you can take advantage of dialing digits with voice or executing loads of commands — to be precise, about 40, which enable managing all default features and applications of the handset.


Motorola Ming

The quality of snaps taken by the MING is not always adequate, which leaves us no choice but rate it as average. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Even though the number of available settings is significantly smaller than that found in Motorola A, the MING lacks an external keypad.

This is a unique ability of Motorola-branded solutions. The phonebook can also be sorted by First or Last name and viewed as a list or thumbnails.

Review of GSM-handset Motorola MING (Motorola A)

Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon. But, for me, the quality of this phone makes me not mind. Speaker-independent technology does the rest, no prior voice training is required, the MING recognizers your voice without any problems works for English language, good pronunciation is not a must.

Three quality types are available — high, normal, low. For example, they serve for opening the control panel, changing current profile, creating an SMS for a specific recipient.

Both local and remote synch types are supported.